Expungement of Criminal Record

If you have been charged with a crime, whether or not it was dismissed in court, you will still have a record. If you have done your due diligence by either serving time or community service, you are now liable to have your record expunged.

Having an Expungement means that the court has ruled that your record be whipped clean of previous charges.  Not having a clean record can tarnish the way the public perceives you, despite the severity of your charge. Over the last few years, our legislature has expanded the list of offenses that are eligible for an Expunction.

Are you Eligible?

Under North Carolina Law, all individuals whose records have been expunged are no longer required to mention that they were ever charged/arrested. 

G.S. 15A-146:

“no person as to whom such an order has been entered… shall be held thereafter under any provision of any law to be guilty of perjury, or to be guilty of otherwise giving a false statement or response to any inquiry made for any purpose, by reason of the person's failure to recite or acknowledge any expunged entries concerning apprehension, charge, or trial.”

If you have been charged with any of the following you have legal claim for an expungement :

  • Expungement of Juvenile Records
  • Expungement of Juvenile Records for Dismissed Cases
  • Expungement of Drug Offenses for Persons 21 and under
  • Expungement for Cases of Identity Theft
  • Expungement for Certain Very Old Misdemeanor Larceny Convictions
  • Expungement for Misdemeanor Possession of Alcohol (Under 21)
  • Expungement of  Misdemeanors Committed before 18th Birthday
  • Expungement when charges are dismissed or there are findings of not guilty.
  • Expungement when a Pardon of Innocence is Granted by the Governor
  • Expungement for first offenders (21 and younger) of certain toxic vapors/drug paraphernalia charges.
  • Expungement of certain Gang Offenses (17 and younger)
  • Expungement of non-violent felonies committed under the age of 18
  • Expungement of Older Nonviolent Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions
  • Expunge Your NC Record - NC Expungement Website.