Scott Reilly fights marijuana charges routinely. The main issue the prosecution is concerned about in most cases is the amount of marijuana in the accused's possession at the time of the charge. The more marijuana you are charged with, the greater the punishments can be.

No matter what amount of marijuana was in your possession, we will investigate the matter and analyze all of your defense options. You can rely on our team to provide you with a solid defense to your drug charges.

Fighting Your Marijuana Possession Charges in North Carolina

Participating in substance abuse classes pursuant to N.C. General Statute 90-96 can give you a second chance in North Carolina. This class can enable us to have your charges completely dismissed, keeping your criminal record clean. We will inform of you whether or not you qualify for this program and guide you through the entire substance abuse assessment process.

Keep Your Record Clean

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Once your case is finished the record of the arrest and the charges against you stays out there as a public record unless it’s expunged.  These charges can effect your future employment opportunities and need to be dealt with quickly to ensure that your reputation is not harmed.  After your case is finished we also take care of expungements for all clients who are eligible.