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Criminal Defense

Scott Reilly diligently protects the rights of clients throughout the Newton and Hickory area, for residents, students, military members and visitors alike. We advise all of our clients frankly and candidly so they clearly understand the exact nature of their charges and all of their available legal options.

We fight for our clients and work tirelessly to provide the best representation possible. We are passionate about our work and strive to provide caring and effective advocacy for your case. We focus on criminal defense including misdemeanors, traffic tickets and DMV issues including DWI and DUI work.

We can provide this level of comprehensive criminal defense advice because our attorneys hold a commanding breadth of experience in criminal law.


We defend clients facing state and federal charges. Scott Reilly represents clients in a wide variety of criminal defense matters, including those matters involving:

  • Tourists — We provide skilled representation to out-of-town visitors.
  • Military members — We can confidently help members of the military and their families facing criminal charges.
  • Parents — We provide seasoned guidance to parents whose children have been charged with crimes, helping the parents protect their children's future.
  • Student crimes — We help protect the future of high school and college students charged with crimes such as shoplifting, using a fake ID and underage drinking.
  • Misdemeanor and felony charges — Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony offense, we can provide a strong defense.
  • Speeding and traffic tickets — Before paying a fine for a speeding ticket, find out what is at stake and what your options are for fighting the ticket.
  • Domestic violence — We are strong advocates for our clients who have been accused of assault and other domestic violence offenses.
  • Drug crimes — Whether you have been charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana or drug trafficking, our attorneys can provide a strong defense.
  • DWI/DUI — We provide aggressive defense against drunk driving charges, exploring every possible defense for our clients.
  • Sex crimes — Being accused of a sex crime carries a strong stigma. Protect your reputation by retaining one of our skilled sex offense defense attorneys.
  • Weapons crimes - We defend against firearms offenses and similar crimes.
  • Expungement/expunction — When a conviction for a prior crime is negatively impacting your life, you should investigate your options for having your record expunged. Expungement may be a possibility.

Whatever the difficulty at hand, our firm dedicates itself to providing each client with individually tailored legal guidance. Scott Reilly lived out this dedication to individual rights every day in their service to our larger community, whether it is in public office or as a former member of our nation's military.